The ACT IIOP implementation

The ACT ORB is a CORBA 2.0 implementation built using ACT (the Advanced Communication Toolkit). I extracted here only the classes needed for parsing IIOP messages and enforcing the IIOP protocol. The implementation reuses sockets whenever possible, which leads to a faster message transmission. We are currently providing full support for Request and Reply messages (including replies that contain a forwarding IOR) and only partial support for the other messages, i.e. they can be parsed and read, but the Finite State Machines dealing with IIOP are simple and don't take them into account. The archive contains one example of usage, but if you feel I should document them more, let me know and I'll try to do it.

Here is the IIOP engine and I'll be more grateful if you let me know your impression about it.

Last update: February 4th, 1998

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