Reversie Internet Server and Client

This an internet server where people can meet and play reversie. Using this page you can both play reversie at our server and also download the full source code for the client and server programs. The client is implemented as an applet. Currently the applet works only with Netscape browser with the latest patch for JDK1.1.

Playing Reversie

In order to be able to play reversie you need either Netscape Navigator 4.06 (or bigger), or Internet Explorer 4.x (or bigger). In case you are using Internet Explorer you need to give special permissions to java applets. Here are instructions on how to do it. If you think you have one of these browsers then you can go to the reversie server

Downloading Reversie

In order to have it running you have to do the following:
  1. Unzip and untar the file you download. You will get a directory named 'reversie'. All the directories I refer to from now on start in this directory.
  2. Edit the file 'classes/Reversie.html' and change the IP address to the address where you intend to run the server. Make sure you modify it in *both* places. Also change the link to the file Reversie.html if it is not going to stay the same in your web page.
  3. Make sure that your PATH and CLASSPATH shell variables point to the java directories such that you are able to run java programs
  4. cd to 'bin' directory
  5. Launch the name server by typing './ns &'. Wait until you get a long sequence of digits of the form 'IOR:000004...'
  6. Launch the reversie server by typing './rs &'. Wait until you get a long sequence of digits of the form 'IOR:000004...'
  7. The server is now up and running. All you have to do now is make a link in your public html directory towards the 'classes' directory and name it 'Reversie'. For example, if your html dir is '~/public_html' and you installed the reversie server in '~/reversie' you can type in

    % ln -s ~/reversie/classes ~/public_html/Reversie

  8. Due to the applets security mechanisms the Reversie server has to run on the same host where the http daemon is running. This means you have to find out exactly what machine is the one managing http connections and then run the server on that machine.
  9. Last thing, make sure you have a link somewhere in your homepage to the file 'classes/Reversie.html' (the one you edited). Good luck

These being said you can now download Reversie Internet Server and Client source code and enjoy. Please report bugs and problems at

Last update: April 2, 1998

Feel free to bother me at