Line Speed Test

Test your connection to Internet: use any of the following links to measure the speed (bandwidth) of your internet connection. Works best for DSL and cable modem users (high speed connections).

Test your speed now (Server in Dallas, TX)
Test your speed now (Server in GA, USA)

Update (September 5th 2005): has graciously offered to host my speed test server. After more than one year it is running again. However, more mirrors would help people who are in the mirror's area. If you have a GNU/Linux machine connected to the internet via T1 or higher you may help by hosting my server. Any machine at a university will do. Thanks.

February 13th 2007: The server has been down for about six months, due to problems with hosting. It is back again now!

If you have a machine and are willing to host my server, please let me know at

Last update: February 13th, 2006