Why is my email link not working?

Fight spam email: replace the textual email with an image with text in it.

Around November 1st 2001 the amount of spam email I was receiving increased significantly. So I started fighting it. One way to do that is to clear out my email address from all my web pages. This will stop the robots who crawl domains and extract email addresses from getting mine. It's not solving the problem entirely, but I'm hoping it will reduce spam mail. I'll update this section in half a year, when I know wether this is true or not.

Since I still want to show my email address so that people can contact me, I created a small image file with it. Robots can't read text hidden in imagefiles, at least not yet. Unfortunately, you will have to explicitly open your mailer and type the address in if you want to email me, because including a link would reveal the address not only to your mail program but also to robots.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this won't prevent you from emailing me.

Last update: November 15th, 2001